Why is your software showed the server IP and not PROXY IP

# As of 2020 Youtube stopped supporting for HTTP proxies as a result 100% of the HTTP proxy views drops. To solve this issue, we updated all our software support for only SSL proxies.

# How SSL proxy works:
You must use SSL proxies & the URL must be started with HTTPS. Other wise it will keep showing you the server original IP.

You should ask me why?

The answer is...
# When you use SSL proxies, the proxy server requires an SSL handshake with an HTTPS URL. If your website does not support SSL, the bot will show you the server original IP.

# The same way, If you use HTTPS URL with HTTP proxy, still the HTTPS web server (WEBSITE) will not be able to make an SSL handshake correctly as a result, still the bot will show you the original server IP.

# Contact your Proxy provider if they are delivering HTTP proxy.
# Must Use HTTPS URL with the bot + HTTPS/SSL proxies. Than everything gonna work perfectly.

Final word, its just an SSL handshake error.

Use my own developed tool to test the IP & useragents at the same time: https://ip.applicenser.com/

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