Is your YouTube Bot safe?

Softwares are never a security risk.
Its just a task automation tool. You also can gain views by setting up proxies to your Firefox or chrome browser. But doing this task manually is so boring & almost impossible to gain high volume views to your video. That's why we developed the bot software to automate the task for you.

It's just a web browser with advanced functionality...

It's just the new users who know nothing about proxies & keep using blacklisted & dead proxies. As a result, views drops. The height they can drop the views but will never ban your channel. Bcz bot views never leaves a footprint. A channel gets banded only when a user tries to grow a channel by gathering fake followers. Fake subscribers are straightly prohibited by youtube.

Also, If you can use dedicated residential private proxies, you are welcome to use our softwares.

In 2020, youtube counts on residential IPs only. So, you must dedicated residential private proxies.

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