SyndicationApp FAQ

SyndicationApp Journey started in 2014. Since then we were using OLD indexing API engines. But By 1ST JAN 2020 the Old APIs were no longer supported by 3rd party ping servers. So, we started developing our own ping engine by JAN 2020 & it took over 4 months to complete the Ping engine. We just integrate into our own ping server for 2 months now. But the good news is since we started our own ping indexer engine, google indexed over 200,000+ URLs for the first 2 months. It's much more than any other SEO company on the internet. But the problem is our ping server sends thousands of ping requests to google every single day. But Google decided which URL to index when. It's not in our control. But we only guarantee that your backlinks must get indexed on google faster.

There are 2 types of backlinks that generate by our software.
  • Web 2.0 + Dofolow backlinks (Indexed on google)
  • Referrer backlinks only (These are not indexed on google but very important for SEO)
And we are working to improve our Cloud indexer app capability every single day. And also adding new sites to the network each month.

SundicationApp FAQ

# what kind of backlinks can I generate using BacklinkMonster?
  • There are 2 types of backlinks the software mainly create
  • 1) Web 2.0 mostly properties (Only these properties gets indexed on google)
  • 2) Dofollow backlinks
  • 2) Referrer Only Dofollow backlinks

# will those backlinks be permanent spam-free and google safe?
  • User safety: Yeah, It's 100% safe to use even when all the backlinks created at once.
  • All the sites included in the syndication network built with brand new sites and the Spam score is 0/100 which means it's 100% safe to use.
  • Domain IPs are Integrated to the Cloudflare CDN network so google can see all the sites are unique. And Cloudflare changes its CDN IP regularly to keep their customers safe. 
  • Also, millions of webmasters already using Cloudflare to stay safe.
  • Google safety: All the web 2.0 properties created on the PBN network are 100% unique & without a single footprint as there is no date meta tag. So, google simply does not understand the posts publishing date.
  • In addition, All the shared server date time port has been closed so google could not understand a file modification date.
  • Also, Google does not visit all the Posts in just a few hours or not even in just a few days. Google takes enough time to crawl all the web 2.0 over months, even more, it's because the number of the web 2.0 properties are huge in number.
  • Also, All the web 2.0 properties are not pinged to google in just one day. It takes over months to ping all the URLs to google search via our Ping engine.

About the Syndication tool:
Our Syndication tool uses to send a ping to search engines. 
We are now connected to over 12 separate ping servers that each pings all the links several times. Currently, we can send up to 3,032 URLS on each batch and it is capable
 of creating over 2,700+ live links per batch.

There are a total of 1m links ready to be pinged for each video submitted totaling 1m * 12 = 12m times to all the search engines. This is a huge challenge for our Syndication tool.

From our testing, our Syndication tool is capable of sending pings instantly for the first 1000 links from the list. The rest of the links are pinged batch by batch and it may take up to 21-30 days to complete the job. This can actually be beneficial to look more natural and is much better than taking one day to complete. However, if you want all of the links complete in one day, we can’t do that for you. It will take a few days.

We provide this service as an opportunity and we only guarantee that your video embeds into the system. We advise that please use this service entirely at your own risk. But with such an affordable service, there is almost zero risks!

About other embeds:
We replace all the sites of the PBN network every 6 months rotation to keep our clients safe. This is how we developed our tool from the ground up, and it’s why you’ll never see anything else like us.

# how many backlinks can I generate using this software?
  • It can generate over 500,000 Web 2.0 web pages for each submission & ping on google search via the latest API engine. We have updated our Ping Server 4 months ago in 2020
  • Creates over 500,000 Referrer only backlinks (Not Indexed on google)
  • Creates some valuable EDU backlinks for google trust.

# will the backlinks have good da?
  • We are saying sorry that as long as we replace our PBN network domains every 6 months to keep our clients safe, it is not possible to maintain Domain Authority.
  • In a single word DA is 0. But it's 100% safe to use.

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