License Not Working [solved]

After loading the software if it returns you an invalid license error, It could happen bcz of 3 reasons.
  • You might have made mistake while inserting the license code into the software
  • Or you inserted the license key multiple times into the software.
  • Make sure, your computer's default language is English.

Solutions :
Please note that the license code is a case sensitive. You need to use the code as-is and as it was provided inside the license field. Also, make sure that there is no "SPACE" before and after the code while inserting in the license field.
  • Here is how to activate a license key:
  • Method #1: Before you use the license key, please consider resetting your old license key. Tutorial here:
  • Method #2: Alternatively, remove the license folder from "My Computer > Documents" :
  • Insert the key again into the software > Run the software.
  • Method #3: If still not solved, please consider connecting me so  I can assign a new license for you

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