can i use free public proxies with your bot software?

The straight answer is "NO"

  • By 2020 google & youtube has blacklisted almost all the known public proxy servers by 99.99%. For your kind information here I'm adding a public blacklisted proxy range list database that published on the internet in the year 2015:
  • Now, think how many blacklisted IPs google & youtube has in its blacklisted proxy database. I hope now you can guess the straight answer.
  • As long as all the public proxies have been blacklisted by google & youtube, they are no longer safe to use. There is a security risk involved with the free public proxies. And we never recommend or encourage you to use free public proxies.
  • Also, most of the free proxy has very low uptime & very low bandwidth which is not even able to load a webpage completely most of the time. Also, has some footprint issues.
  • In 2020 youtube only counts on residential proxies. Any other IPs would not work. If you use other IPs, all the views or watch hours will be dropped by 100%. So, using free public proxies is a pure waste of time.

What about rotating proxies?
  • Be careful, rotating proxies are also another form of freely scrapped public proxies. One true proxy costs around $5/m. But rotating proxy providers gives you millions of proxies just for a few bucks monthly. Very funny!!!

Why youtube trust on residential IPs in 2020?
  • Residential Is are the same IP that you are using at home that provided by your ISP. It's natural that an ISP could share the same IP to over 100s of users. But youtube is not allowed to blacklist these type of proxies. At most, they can drop the views hours. But never been a security threat or your video will not be removed.
  • So, we only recommend using residential IPs only. Yeah, They all are IPv4.

How to use private proxies with the bot?
  • Our bot accepts https proxies with the format "IP:Port". Username & password currently not supported with our bot software.
  • In order to use your private proxy list > please go to your proxy provider site dashboard & whitelist your computer IP address from there. And use only the "IP:Port" in a notepad with our bot software.
  • If you need more explanation on the proxy use, let me know. Im happy to answer all your questions.

Let me know if you have additional questions or need help with anything. I'm always happy to help you.

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