[Solved] Why Youtube not counting views or views drops?

# Question from client: Your software is not working ... I am not getting view...

Answer :  Software is not the primary object to get views. Its just a task automation tool. You also can gain views by setting up proxies to your Firefox or chrome browser. But doing this task manually is so boring & almost impossible to gain high volume views to your video. Thats why we developed the bot software to automate the task for you.

But the main & primary object to gain views is proxy. YouTube does not count HTTP proxy & Blacklisted proxy views. You must use SSL proxies & must be private proxy or a list of proxies still not detected by youtube that means white listed proxy.

If you send views using NON SSL proxy or Blacklisted proxy by setting up your Firefox or Google chrome browser, Still Youtube Will not count the views. And the same for the bot too. Its because the bot is also a web browser with advanced features to automate the task.

# View not count or Drops: Views not counting or drops bcz of blacklisted proxies. Please ask your proxy provider why they provided you blacklisted proxies?

In order to solve the proxy issue we developed this software to detect blacklisted proxies:
  • https://secure.applicenser.com/2020/03/g-global-blacklisted-proxy-checker-and.html
  • Step by step proxy tutorial: https://secure.applicenser.com/2020/03/how-to-scrape-free-proxy-and-fresh.html

I hope the above information makes enough sense....


To Solve this proxy issue, we have designed our own proxy server that will come builtin with the bot software for better user experiences. We renamed it "Builtin VPN". But in real its a proxy server operated from a cloud. We replace with new proxies every 15 days to keep our clients safe.

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